Saturday, May 16, 2009

five six seven eight...

Alhamdulillah the audition finished.. I am not expacting miracle to come...hehhe

The audition held at Linda Jasmine Studio. Ada dalam 20 orang calon yang datang td... So kami di judge oleh Stephen Rahman, Hans Isaac, Zahim Albakri & Harith Iskandar.. Susah juga rupanya audition ni.. i thought it just a simple one.. rupanya menari.. yang adooo... more than 8 steps.. mau tak panic aku nak kejar si Stephen tu..hehhe tapi best laa dapat menari ramai2 gitu... and 5 6 7 8...hhahah

pastu kami kna nyanyi... pun best jugakkk... aku nyanyi lagu you raise me up diiringi piano.. wow... 1st time tu... but it was gud to see them enjoying my vocal....haha matilaaa confident..hahha it just a joke buddies... tak pe laaa at least i've tried... and for sure i'll go more audition after this.. i will never give up...

frenz... thanks for your good luck wish, call n etc. Special thanks to kak lis for the dancing part, sara for the 'laser' part, Eu-gene for the singing part... you guys are amazing...

i'll update if miracle come..heheh


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